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New York City is home to the most vibrant gold and gemstone industry in the world. NYC Bullion is at its heart.

New York City’s streets are paved with gold. Why not make some of that gold yours? NYC Bullion is the best place to buy and sell gold, silver, and other precious metals. We sell coins from all internationally recognized mints and refineries. NYC Bullion is your one-stop-shop for the best deals and prices as well as being your direct connection to the world's marketplace for jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, and expensive watches.

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Cash is King

Sell your scrap gold

Are you looking to sell your scrap gold? Have you been to an estate sale or a flea market and bought gold? We are the #1 gold buying store in New York City that will take that gold off your hands and put cash in it.

Don’t let that gold lay around and collect dust. Make sure that you make NYC Bullion the first place you go to when you want to sell your gold and silver. The spot price of precious metals is continuously moving; you’ll know that you’re getting the fairest and accurate price on all your products with us because we’re constantly showing the price of gold and silver on TV screens in our store.  NYC Bullion moves at the speed of New York. You can be in and out of our store because we provide speedy, safe, and reliable service that will have you coming back every time.

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Visit our shop, which is located in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District. Visit us at our store to receive cash in exchange for your valuables.

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Best Precious Metals Prices

NYC Bullion sells all coins and bars at the absolute lowest prices on the market.

Largest Bullion Selection

We sell coins and bars from every internationally recognized mint and bullion producer.

Best Buy-Back Prices

We buy gold at the highest prices. We'll buy your unwanted jewelry and gemstones at top dollar!

Friendly Customer Service

You'll feel comfortable and at ease in our modern store. Our expert staff will appraise your items and make a quick, safe, and seamless transaction.


Look what our customers are saying about us. You'll feel confident in knowing that you'll receive the best service.

10 Year Reputation

Since 2012, NYC Bullion has been serving New York City's Diamond District community with prompt, reliable service and fair prices.

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    2017 1 oz South African Krugerrand

    2018 1 oz Liberty Gold Coin

    2015 1 oz Gold Buffalo

    1996 American Eagle Gold Coin

    2017 Proof American Eagle Gold Coin


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    PAMP Suisse 1 oz

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    PAMP Suisse 10 oz

    2018 1 oz Queen's Beast (Griffin) Coin

    1/10 oz $15 Australian Koala Proof Coin