Sell Scrap Gold

Searching for the best place to sell scrap gold? Here at NYCBullion, you’ll find the best price for scrap gold in NYC. When it comes to selling gold and discovering its value, we specialize in offering the best customer service and prices for our customers.

What is scrap gold? It’s a term that describes all types of gold bullion, jewelry or other pieces that are no longer used, but can be recycled. By selling scrap gold you don’t just receive a fair price for your gold belongings, but also contribute to the process of environmental preservation. Gold mining involves highly damaging chemicals, and thus, through selling scrap gold you can provide gold content that doesn’t need to be excavated from the gold ore.

Which items are considered to be scrap gold? Any piece of jewelry, coins, bars, watches, teeth or dental scrap, or any other precious metals fillings made of gold are suitable to be valued as scrap gold. However, items which carry low gold content or are gold plated cannot qualify as scrap gold.

One thing to remember when trading scrap gold is that its price per gram is always lower than the gold’s spot price, because afterward, your gold is smelted to obtain raw gold materials. You can visit one of our gold exchange locations in New York City to find out the current price of scrap gold, or you can assess your gold scrap offering by considering the following scrap gold price per gram.

Even seemingly small scrap pieces can be worthy to be traded, so don’t miss your chance to come to our booth and obtain cash for gold at the best possible prices, only at NYCBullion!



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