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What is the minimum and maximum amount NYCBullion can buy?

NYCBullion is determined to provide you a pleasant and convenient seller experience, with a guarantee of price and no hidden fees. To keep up with this assurance, we encourage you to submit the offers starting from a $1000(USD) base sum. The offers that don’t meet the minimum amount are subject to a distinct pricing.

How do you lock in a price?

To lock in a price with your price quote, you must make a 10% credit card deposit. The authorization for the 10% will be released once you receive your metals. If you don’t receive your products within 5 business days from your purchase, you will be subject to forfeit the 10% deposit according to the Market Loss Policy. You will receive the confirmation via email once your purchase order is completed.

How should I ship my products to NYCBullion?

Shipping Instructions: Attach a copy of your state-issued identification to a printed version of your purchase order confirmation. This is the mandatory information to be included in your shipment. Please verify both the shipping and return addresses when you’ll be preparing your package for shipment. Each product should be thoroughly wrapped to protect its contents from being damaged during the transportation. We recommend you to use special packaging materials, like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, air pillows, kraft paper or foam. Also, the package must be tapped to make sure its contents will remain undetectable during transportation. Strengthen the shipping label and the edges of the box with clear masking tape because couriers may be careless when they handle the packages. Provide your package’s tracking information to NYCBullion. You must postdate your package within 2 days from the confirmation of sale.

How much are my goods worth?

NYCBullion provides you free appraisal of your assets, and we guarantee you will receive a clear and concise offer that will match your assets’ current market value.

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